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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - Why Choose Us?


Our family roots run deep in the earthmoving business. For over 150 years the Scheckel name has been working the land. From the same location in Bellevue, Iowa, J.J. Scheckel Corporation was established over 18 years ago with a very defined mission and purpose.

Who is J.J. Scheckel?
Our company specializes in supplying quality, customized heavy construction and mining equipment to end users worldwide. We provide this equipment in the most trusting fashion. Every machine can be bought as is, or bought with a menu of available options.

What sets us apart? The J.J. Scheckel System!

1. Attitude, Honesty, Integrity. We believe every customer, of every size, deserves the same attention. We respect the guy with one machine just as much as the guy with 500 machines. We give all of our customers the same time and respect they deserve. We understand that our customers are the most important component of our business and we will earn your business by delivering on our promises. We will bend over backwards and do whatever it takes to meet our obligations.

2. We believe in full disclosure on every machine. We provide detailed pictures, videos, inspection reports, certified undercarriage measurements, full operating reports, detailed mechanical pressure testing reports, cycle times, and various other tools to ensure our equipment is being sold as stated. No one in the business goes further to verify machines than us!

3. Customization: Every machine we sell is open for modification to fit your needs, whether that be new undercarriage, new tires, new cab, rebuilt components, paint, or a full machine rebuild. You can add or remove attachments like rippers or blades. We can custom tailor any machine to meet your exact specifications and budget. There is nothing we can't or won't do!

4. Employees and Management: We invite all potential customers to visit us here in Iowa. You can meet with any employee, including the technicians and all management. We are here to help you. We may not be the largest company, but every single person here is working hard every day on your behalf. Our business motto, followed by every employee, is "If we first ensure our customer's success, our own success will surely follow."

Please stop by our facility and check us out. Visit us anytime!

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