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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - The SSR Advantage

Josh Scheckel is the founding principal and current CEO of J.J. Scheckel Corporation. J.J. Scheckel Corporation sells, rents, and services construction equipment to companies worldwide. SSR is a separate division created to deliver the world's highest quality remanufactured Caterpillar products available.

SSR Remanufactured Exchange ProgramLowest total cost of ownership.
Our proven cost of ownership simply can not be beat when compared to similar machines. Our business runs efficient; we pass the savings on to our customers. While buying reman, our customers have all the benefits of a new machine, at half the cost.

Same, or better, machine production levels as new.
By operating Reman machines over new or used, you will achieve the highest level of production for your money. SSR machines are designed to give the longevity and reliability you would expect from a new machine, while maintaining the very same, or better, production levels. This is achieved by using proven, field-tested machine models to remanufacture, integrated with the latest engineering upgrades available.

Lower cost than buying a new machine.
Reman machines can be purchased at a much lower cost of new, with more options available on a reman machine than on new. Some options include blade type, along with any rear attachment available, plus many safety and custom options are available. Reman machines represent the best value on the market.

Remanufacturing helps conserve our natural resources and uses only 20% of the energy needed to manufacture a new product. Core products are put back on the market to achieve another useful life. Besides the cost effectiveness, remanufacturing has very positive environmental impacts.

Flexible Financing Packages.
We have many buying options to meet our customer’s needs. Customers may have prearranged financing in place, if not, we can offer attractive financing or leasing options. Please tell us your needs, we will work with you to ensure the proper method to meet your needs and goals.

First Class Warranty.
We believe customers deserve a fast, hassle-free warranty policy. To back up our beliefs, we use Franchised Caterpillar dealers to service our warranties. Cat dealers have the specialized tools and knowledge to get you up and running fast. Parts are also available within 24 hours.

Caterpillar D11R 2 Caterpillar D9Rs D9R


Wherever the machines go in the free world, be assured they will be fully covered under our industry leading warranty program. SSR uses only Genuine Caterpillar parts and components throughout our reman program. Authorized Caterpillar dealer technicians carry out all the final testing and setting procedures. That is why the SSR warranty program is serviceable at any Caterpillar dealer in the nation. SSR commissions your local Cat dealer to carry out all warranty claims on the machine you purchase. This strategy has proved effective in minimizing downtime and getting your machine up and running as soon as possible. Should there ever be a warranty claim, have confidence in knowing that it will be handled in an efficient, no-hassle way.