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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - Kindergarten Tour 2011

Kindergarten Class Visits J.J. Scheckel Facility

Chris Kilburg, teacher at Andrew Elementary School in Andrew, Iowa, and neighbor to Josh Scheckel, brought her kindergarten class to tour the J.J. Scheckel facility on Tuesday, May 17th. The class of 9 girls and 4 boys learned about the tools needed to fix equipment, got a chance to run the large lifts in the shop, sat in a D10 Dozer, took pictures by the 8 ft. tall scraper wheels, and watched owner Josh Scheckel operate a Cat 320D Excavator. They learned how important it is to keep your area clean, whether that be their school desk or tool box, and how they should be hard workers and pay attention in school so they can learn as much as possible. Here are a few pictures from their trip!

Kindergarten1 Kindergarten2 Kindergarten3