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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - Cedar Rapids Flood 2008

J.J. Scheckel Donates CAT 287 to Clean-Up Efforts in Cedar Rapids.

Bellevue, IA - July 29, 2008 - J.J. Scheckel Corporation announced it's recent donation of a CAT 287 multi-terrain loader to the clean-up efforts in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after the worst flooding in the city's history. The multi-terrain loader was greatly needed after the city lost the majority of their skid loaders to the flood.

Terry Link, Sales Manager of J.J. Scheckel, volunteered 5 days of paid vacation to help with the clean-up. He contacted the American Red Cross and was put in touch with Craig Hanson, public works maintenance supervisor for Cedar Rapids. From June 20th to June 24th Terry, under the instruction of Jeff Gillic, street progress supervisor, plowed garbage off of people's lawns onto the streets where it was picked up by crew members. Terry commented that the lawns were full of "everything from appliances to furniture to food, plaster, and clothes; some places it was piled 10 ft. high." Terry spent most of his time in the Czech Village, one of the worst hit areas of Cedar Rapids. When asked what he will most remember about the trip, Terry stated the fact that "people lost everything, their homes, personal belongings, cars, and then found out their business was under water and they had lost their job on top of it. The devastation was horrible".

Josh Scheckel, founder and president of J.J. Scheckel, commented, "I am very proud of my employees and Terry Link for his unselfish donation of time to such a disaster". Mr. Scheckel also noted "It is very rewarding to me personally to donate services, products, or help in any way to causes that make a difference. I'm so lucky to just have the ability to get up and do what I do everyday, I never forget that, and there are so many people that don't have that chance. As a company, and personally, I will continue to try helping those in need the best I can."

Below are a few pictures from the clean-up in Cedar Rapids.

JJ Scheckel truck and skidloader Street debris Terry Link with Truck