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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - Giant Wheel Loader


Giant wheel loader arrives for rebuild

There is nothing small about this Caterpillar wheel loader. A standard in the coal mine industry, this machine came from Kentucky to Bellevue for a complete rebuild. It is an end loader on steroids. The huge bucket has been removed. The tires will be replaced with four new giants each weighing 9,000 pounds and costing $25,000. Yes, thats $100,000 in new rubber for the giant wheel loader. The 12-cylinder Caterpillar engine gets a complete overhaul along with the planetary gears and everything in between. Then the exterior metal work is rennovated or replaced and repainted. On the firm's website you can watch the sequence of rebuilding these giant machines. Shown discussing the work above are J.J. Scheckel shop technicians Larry Driscoll, left, and Wayne Lynch, right. Left is J.J. "Josh" Scheckel amid the four new tires required to make the rebuild complete. The machine measures well over 50-feet long with the bucket mounted. It is 18 feet to the top of the loader's cab and when read to go to work the machine weights 187,000 pounds.