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Cat D9R / D9T, Track Groups - Used. A02371

Used Track groups, to fit Cat D9R or Cat D9T, 24” Extreme Service, double grouser Pads, mounted to Heavy Duty SALT Rails, Includes Alligator clips, and master pads. measure as follows below, on Cat Book spec of 120% equals new.

Left Side
·  Link Height Measures 152 mm, or 33% Remaining
·  Link Bushing, Diameter, measures 78 mm, or 26% Remaining
·  Track Pad Grouser height measures 90 mm, or 113% Remaining

Right Side
·  Link Height Measures 155 mm, or 48% Remaining
·  Link Bushing, Diameter, measures 82 mm, or 65% Remaining
·  Track Pad Grouser height measures 93 mm, or 118% Remaining

These track groups were removed from a Cat D9R that was in for total rebuild. This is Excess Undercarriage from our clearance sale, there will be no guarantee or warranty on anything sold, and likewise, everything is being sold As-Is Condition. This Set is Priced at 30% of New Cost. 
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Price: $10,500