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J.J. Scheckel Heavy Equipment Corporation - Certified Appraisal

Josh Scheckel, Certified Appraiser
Expert Witness in the Court of Law

21582 Highway 62, Bellevue, Iowa 52031
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Construction Equipment Values Expert

Mr. Josh Scheckel is fully certified to do appraisals of heavy equipment. Josh values equipment spreads for the banks, IRS, and the courts. Finding the right appraiser in this highly specialized field is hard, if not impossible. Josh is extremely experienced in the construction equipment field, and the president, founder, and owner of J.J. Scheckel Corporation.

Josh has bought, sold, rented, repaired, trucked, financed, leased, operated, painted, and appraised all kinds of heavy equipment throughout his life. He has a thorough insider's knowledge of the equipment marketplace.

Please give Josh a call to further discuss your needs. We will service the entire United States and Canada on appraisals. We guarantee that your report will be prepared professionally, and that all details are accurate.

What To Look for In A Professional Appraisal Report:

  1. A complete and accurate description of the property in question
  2. Analysis of the factors affecting value reflecting the appraiser's research in accordance with the standards required by government authorities
  3. A definition of value appropriate to the type of appraisal
  4. The appraiser's qualification page
  5. The appraiser's signature
  6. The appraiser's statement that he/she does not have a financial interest in the property in question
  7. Confirmation the appraiser will back his value in a court of law, if needed


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