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2007 Cat D8T Powertrain Plus Rebuild, A02706

Price: $438,000


2007 Cat D8T, Landfill Waste Handler Package. Zero Hour Powertrain, w/ 3 Year, 5,000 Hour OEM Cat warranty. 100% New Cat Undercarriage, Pre emissions, U Blade, Erops, Diff Steer, Full recondition. Read the Details -
· KPZ serial number prefix
· Full recondition as follows. Powertrain will carry 3 year, 5,000 hour OEM Cat Factory Warranty. Serviceable at any Authorized Cat Dealer.
· Zero Hour Engine Rebuild
· Zero Hour Converter Rebuild
· Zero Hour Transmission & Diff Rebuild
· Zero Hour Final Drives & Brakes Rebuild
· Hydraulic Lift Cylinders, and Blade Tilt Cylinder Rebuilt
· Lift cylinder cannons rebushed as needed
· Blade rebushed and pinned as needed
· Worn Hydraulic hoses replaced where needed
· All hydraulic pumps and reliefs pressure tested to spec.
· Machine wiring replaced were worn or as needed basis.
· Refurbished Cab and Interior
· Pivot Shaft Resealed
· Equalizer bar rebushed and repinned where needed
· Track frames inspected for cracks and rebuilt as needed.
· 100% New Minor Bogie Pins and Bushings
· 100% New Cat Undercarriage Installed, comes with Warranty.
· Fully sandblasted and painted exterior. OEM Polyurethane
· Enclosed Cab, A/C, Heat
· Diff Steer
· U Blade, with tilt.
· Landfill Package
· Lights
· Engine Enclosures
· Cat C15 Accert Engine, 347 HP
· 86,000 Pounds operating weight
· 14’ wide U Blade, rated at 32.4 yard capacity
Cat Undercarriage, measures as follows
· Rail/Chain Height measure 100% Remaining– New  
· Links/Bushings on rails measure 100% Remaining– New  
· Pads/Grousers – 100% Remaining, 26” wide– New  
· Sprockets – 100% Remaining– New  
· Front Idlers – 100% Remaining– New  
· Rear Idlers – 100% Remaining– New  
· Bottom Rollers - average 100% Remaining– New  
 This machine came in from original owner, is in excellent condition and made for a great rebuild candidate. This machine has received a complete powertrain rebuild, including many extras as listed above. This machine will be fully tested and will come with warranty as listed. This is a Pre Emissions D8T with added reliability. 
 We invite your own personal, or 3rd party inspection of this machine anytime, located at our facility in Bellevue, Iowa. Additional pictures and Video available, for this machine, on our website, www.jjscheckel.com. We also offer fair freight rates and financing options.